Colleen Brown-Chambers

Colleen Brown-Chambers

CEO GEIN Transformational Enterprise, International Speaker, International Author, Multiple Business Owner

is the founder and CEO of G.E.I.N Transformational Enterprise. This G.E.I.N stands for Generating, Empowering Impacting Nations.  This is a self-development training company that creates self-development techniques both in the work arena and also on an individualistic approach to all aspects of a person’s life. G.E.I.N Transformational Enterprise is dedicated to impacting all persons at various age groups and educating them on the importance of Self Development, and how critical it is to success and self-fulfillment in any business venture or career path they decide to choose. 

In doing so persons will be more passionate about their career choice or business venture thus producing quality work. The ideology of working to get a paycheck will be irradiated because now their new focus is representing and marketing themselves through their work and how they represent their company.

Colleen Brown-Chambers has 9 years experience in Management and Personal Self Development in the business industry. She currently operates three businesses that is geared towards the empowerment of people. As a women driven with the purpose and passion to serve others in their growth as well as growing herself personally, she has created programs that has assisted in the training of Corporate employees to not see themselves as a paid contributor to the dream of the company but as investors who are investing their time because they believe in the goal that the company sets for themselves; and it is in alignment with their purpose and goals they want to achieve throughout their life span

Colleen Chambers believes that if persons infuse self-development strategies in their everyday living, this will act as motivational tools that will propel them to success beyond their wildest imagination. While contributing to the success of any venture, business or workforce they are associated with.  She further believes success is not an action but rather a state of mind twined to an attitude that individuals possess to be developed. You must first know what your purpose is, how you are going to achieve it and when is the intentional time to get it done.

In her first published book Your Success is 3 Questions Away has been one of her life long achievements because she is now able to share with the world through knowledge and application; that it is really simple to achieve success just by asking the right questions in order to get the right answers. You must then implement the solutions in order to achieve maximum success. Through using these three questions to activate the success in others, she starts from the root which is volunteering in schools for mentally and physically battered children. She teaches them through the application of self development practices, that their present life will not be affected by their past experiences. True success is becoming an example to others through your life’s work while becoming a server of mankind.  This Philosophy governs her life works and intensions of impacting the world with acts of servitude and words of inspiration to live every day like it was her last. This is the Philosophy that she stands by and continues to teach while becoming a better version of herself everyday.


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Your Success Is 3 Questions Away

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Colleen Chambers attended the University of the West Indies where she has a Bachelors in History and Minors in Politics. She also attended the University of the West Indies Open Campus where she received distinctions in all intense certificated courses such as; Principles and Techniques of Counseling, Public Speaking and Speech Writing, Supervisory Management, Computer Management Skills and Small Business Management. These certifications help her daily to managing her various businesses. However, she is especially proud of her Publishing Business G.E.I.N Transformational Publishing House and being exposed on an International Platform for her Transformational Coaching Presentations and self-proclaimed Bestselling book.

Colleen Chambers hosted the first Men’s Empowerment Workshop to be held in Jamaica and created the Legacy Tour for Boys. She is passionate about the upliftment of the males in her society as it is important for Men to play their functional roles in the homes and be positive role models for boys in Jamaica. She is currently looking forward for the second staging of the Men’s Empowerment Symposium which will feature eight ungraded high schools targeting boys that will receive an all-inclusive workshop filled with successful Male’s in the Jamaican society pouring knowledge and experiences of what it takes to be successful and that where you come from is not a result of who you can become. The event is set for October 27, 2018 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. 


Scenes From Our First Men’s Empowerment Workshop

Colleen is married to a wonderful man Andre Chambers who is also an Entrepreneur and Civil Servant. Together they are building an empire with the intention of creating a Powerhouse legacy for their family and generations to come.

“You can have reasons or results; you can’t have both! Transform or remain, be intentional in all your thoughts and actions as this will create Intentional Results”

-Colleen Brown-Chambers

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