is an Institution that envisions leadership through growth and productivity that adds to the prestigious image and continuous success of our programs. Our ideology is that in order for any business to attain its utmost potential, the workforce has to be continuously growing in their image, service, and self-development of representatives who are the face of the company and what it embodies.


All our workshops are specifically designed in two parts . Self Development is the foundation and key ingredient to our unique techniques in order to guarantee success in all areas offered. With the unique combination of these concepts, representatives are able to establish and excel in the productivity and growth in any company.

What representatives gain from our corporate workshops:

Enhance confidence and authenticity that will boost your company's sales and image.

Awakening of higher awareness, creativity and imagination leading to sales success and target achievements.

Build willpower and discipline to start and execute all business and sales goals.

Techniques to deal with various types of customers.

Learn a variety of communication methods to suit the needs of each customer.

Techniques to create loyal and happy customers .

Representatives will be more engaged and self-motivated.

The G.E.I.N TRANFORMATIONAL WORKSHOPS are geared towards results and focuses mainly on self-development as this is the main ingredient to not only motivate the representatives but to give them a reason to want to excel. This will take the company to its peak performance state, by increased client volume and excellent publicity.

Workshops Include


People buy into the service provider before they buy into any product that they are offering. This program was created with Self-Development as the key ingredient to training staff and employees on how to see themselves as investors investing their time in any business or company they are associated or affiliated with. It is through this vested interest at work ,they will improve massively on their customer service skills and work ethics in all areas thus increasing productivity in the workplace.


A Team is a powerhouse system that guarantees success in any business or company. It is extremely important that members of any team share a common goal and has a vested interest in the company’s outcome. This program is created with Self-Development as its foundation; as it is extremely important that individuals understand that their opinions and input counts and they are the ones that represent the success and failure of the company. Team work makes the dream and this program is created for that specific purpose


These Power planning sessions are specifically created for dumping all ideas, knowledge, feelings, emotions etc on a piece of paper. This session takes the confusion from your brain and transforms it into the blueprint to your GREATNESS


Success is doing something you love and getting someone to pay you for it. This session helps you to turn your talents, passions and hobbies into a powerhouse business.


Personal Development is the key to all areas of success. With the proper coaching you can transform yourself into the powerhouse person you are destined to become. Holistic success is the key to true happiness.


This is a one month intense activity based Self-Development program. This focuses on all areas of your life that contributes to your success and failures in any given area. This program helps to align you in areas such as Personal development, Health, Finance, Spirituality, Relationships and Family. Once you are equipped with the right system for you, holistic success is inevitable. 


These Self-Management sessions helps you to create and practice proper time management in all areas of your life. Time is the key to unlocking resources, but you must first directly tell your time where to go while managing it effectively.

Prefer To Learn Online? Try our online courses

Harnessing The Powerhouse Within You

How to use your unique traits and gifts to unleash the Powerhouse within you that will guarantee success in any ventured area.

How To Question Your Way To Success

How, When and Why to ask specific questions to catapult your business or career to a Powerhouse level of greatness.

Powerhouse Self Development One(1) Month Course

This G.E.I.N self development programme is specifically designed with a multitude of activities which aids to the transformation of oneself. This programme creates a powerhouse system that will change your life forever.

The Powerhouse Game Plan Blue Print

Learning how to create your personal blueprint to success by using your purpose, driven by a successful routine.

The Master Yourself Workbook

The three step process in mastering yourself in order to gain wholistic success in all areas of your life.

The Powerhouse Vision Reality Board Guide

Visioning your dreams into a reality.

The Secret To Leadership Mastery

The ultimate level up tool for management, business owners and achievers in maximizing success.

Results Not Excuses ‘The Secrets to Wining Now!’

How to become outcome focused and not process oriented. The secret is in your daily routine and not the end result. Learn to create a winning mindset driven by a winning routine.